Project Management


Doc3 is a CAT tool for professional translators.

It includes a fully featured online Project Management (PM) system, a Quality Assurance (QA) tool, an online system for Translation Memories (TM) management, API connectors to the most popular online Machine Translation (MT) systems, and many other ‘must have’ features.

Anybody can use this service free of charge. To translate a document, simply upload your files for translation together with your translation memories, and dictionaries. The basic translation process is described below.

Doc3 FREE vs Doc3 PRO version

To use Doc3 ™ for free, you only need to set up an account by entering some basic information. After that, you can use most of the basic features of Doc3 as much as you want. Your account is hosted in a cloud on secure servers in the EU, in full compliance with the EU GDPR legislation.

Beyond the fully functional free version of Doc3, you can take advantage of a rich set of advanced features available as part of a monthly subscription – the Doc3 PRO version. These add-ons include:

1. Fully featured Cloud Project Management (PM) System

Unlike the free version, Doc3 maintains the project history, including the storage space for project source and target files, translation memories, glossaries, etc.

2. Doc3 Machine Translation Engine

This AI-based machine translation engine is an extremely powerful MT service for translating technical and general documentation. Its model has been trained by a huge number of technical documents and publications. It is based on a private initiative and is not hosted in the public domain.

3. Quality Assurance (QA) tool

This module brings real-time & instant QA checks while you translate, including 60+ language-specific checks, consistency checks, TM and glossary checkers, and issues a QA certificate to prove the flawlessness of your project.

4. Online Translation Memories (TM) management system

Your memories and glossaries are created automatically as your projects are completed, and these resources can be conveniently managed online down to the text level of individual segments, including editing, copying, merging, deletion, etc.

5. API connectors to the most popular public online Machine Translation (MT) systems

Do you use one of the available public machine translation systems such as DeepL, Google or Bing? The API makes it easy to connect Doc3 to your account on your favorite MT service.