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Welcome to Doc3 ™ – Free CAT Tool For Professional Translators.

Doc3 is an intuitive CAT tool and translation environment that offers a simple interface to translate and review text efficiently. The Doc3 app is easy and straightforward to use, it only offers features that a translator or reviewer really needs, and we will do our utmost to hold onto this simplicity. As such, you probably do not even need to read this guide, use it instead as a resource to look up features you may not be familiar with.

In the basic version, Doc3 is free to use and will enable you to translate text more efficiently. However, if you are serious about your translation services and want to make a living on your know-how and skills, we recommend using our Add-ons that increase productivity and raise translation quality:

Please note that some features in Doc3 are still being developed and may be unavailable. They are marked with: “ May be unavailable.”